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I’ve compiled some questions about my services and Dermalogica products below. If you have a question that you don’t see below, please feel free to contact me!

What is an Esthetician2018-09-19T17:20:27-05:00

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Why is CUSTOMIZATION so important to skincare services?2018-09-19T17:20:53-05:00

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Here were some of your talking points:

Unique skin physiology is so critical to getting the right products. A skin expert understands skin and health on a deeper level. 

Why you should invest in your skin2018-09-19T17:28:06-05:00

More info about how the investment in the skin reflects on self confidence, optimism, etc… more than just looking in the mirror…

Why Do I Use Dermalogica Products Exclusively?2018-09-19T17:22:11-05:00

When it came to choosing a skin care line, I had to ask some tough questions of myself. Is it safe? Effective? Supportive?

The (resounding) answer to all three is… YES!

Dermalogica, is affiliated with the International Dermal Institute has made extensive research on ingredients and created formulations that are derived of natural ingredients. It’s effective and supportive.

Dermalogica has demonstrated their support to consumers by providing education through their consumer website as well as support to professionals by partnering with schools across the globe to teach the fundamentals of skin health. In addition, Dermalogica provides post-graduate training through the International Dermal Institute’s education programs to enhance the professional’s expertise in advanced treatments and product recommendations for more challenging skin concerns.

Are skincare services right for you?2018-09-19T17:27:41-05:00

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What’s the difference between a Spa facial and your Custom Skincare service?2018-09-19T17:23:38-05:00

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What you should expect at your first facial2018-09-19T17:27:18-05:00

Explain that the process starts with the intro facial. Then explain that treatment follows – sequentially, to get them where they eventually want to be. (IE – no peel on the first visit and how you build up to stronger treatments)

Why You Should Purchase Your Skincare Products From Me2018-09-16T22:21:19-05:00

You do have a choice of where you purchase your product and I do understand that a dollar is a dollar and respect your decision. I only ask that you allow me to match any type of promotion that you see anywhere else. The more money that I make, the more I can spend on my own family using local merchants that help keep our communities economically strong and thriving. People don’t realize the power they have in their buying decisions. Being committed to local businesses, especially small businesses benefits all of us.

Why you need a Dermalogica expert before purchasing products2018-09-19T17:26:01-05:00

Simple answer…products are expensive. If you are going to invest in high quality product – make sure it’s the right one.

Buying from Ulta:

When you buy at Ulta, you are giving money to a big company. I am a certified Dermalogica Expert and take my commitment to your skin health very seriously. I care about how you feel and look in your own skin. I have chosen to continue my post-graduate education and licensure to training on product ingredients and tailored regimens to help you get the right product and use it in the manner it is intended. There are only a handful of Experts in the DFW area and I encourage you to seek answers to questions from those that are highly trained so that you are given the professional expertise that you deserve. I GUARANTEE all products so there is no fear of adding to your product graveyard under the sink. You simply won’t get the support and follow up I can can offer.

Buying at Dermalogica.com:

Just like with ULTA, you are contributing to a big company based in California. Sometimes you can get free shipping and earn points on purchases which comes in handy when you’re busy so I do get the reasoning behind that decision. I ask that you allow me to match what they’re offering but understand that sometimes it just makes sense to go that route. If you do decide to order through Dermalogica.com, upon checkout, you should have an opportunity to list the referring account. You can find me by using my zip code 76021 and clicking Custom Skin Care. I ask that you use my zip code to find my shop and list me as your referring authorized account. By you making a purchase through the site and designating me as your referral source, I still receive some compensation for my product recommendations and support to you.

Buying at Target, CVS, EBAY and Amazon Prime:

You may have noticed that you can also buy “dermalogica” at Target and CVS as well as on Ebay, Amazon, and many other internet sources for a much less cost. Product diversion and counterfeit items are out there. Those that produce products with the name “dermalogica” go to great lengths to ride on the coattails of the brand, but will NOT produce the results that you’re seeking. Buyer beware. You can find an extensive list of unauthorized businesses that are engaging in acquiring counterfeit product through Dermalogica.com. Be assured that there are continual litigation attempts by Dermalogica to protect the brands integrity and commitment to safe and effective products.

What are Restorative Touch and Touch Therapy?2018-09-19T17:13:06-05:00

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How can I order more products?2018-12-12T11:23:16-06:00

Simple – I keep everything you need in stock and appreciate your support of my small business.  To re-order, please call or use the form on the contact page to send me a list of what you need. You can pick them up from my treatment room, or I can mail them to you.

How does the recycling program work?2019-06-26T15:33:53-05:00

Dermalogica BYOB Recycling ProgramWe’re proud to protect the earth and extend product savings to you with our BYOB Recycling Program. If you care about the “skin” of our earth, consider bringing your empty bottles for a refill instead of purchasing new bottles.  Our BYOB Recycling Program reduces plastic and packaging waste by reusing your favorite cleanser, toner or moisturizer bottle or jar.

How it works: Bring the product that you’re running low at your next visit and we will clean, sanitize and refill it for you!  As a bonus incentive, you will receive not only the good feels of actively participating in a global effort to reduce excess waste in the world, you will receive a $5.00 reward off the product’s purchase price!

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