Clearing Treatments

Acne is probably the most frustrating condition that I see my clients suffer with. Causes OF ADULT ACNE range from STRESS, genetics, diet/lifestyle, hormone fluctuations, AND improper product use which causes irritation and sensitivity WHICH FURTHER EXACERBATES the problem.

Professional Treatment:
To successfully treat acne, we’ll address each issue in the 2-hour Introductory Facial and discuss treatment goals and expectations. During this time, you will have the opportunity to share any issues that create stress which can help reduce tension and anxiety and promote well-being and healing. After your relaxing treatment which includes a restorative touch therapy module, you will be given a step-by step Skin Fitness Plan which will outline your at-home regimen with carefully prescribed products to safely heal sensitivity, active lesions and increase cellular metabolism. More advanced treatments will include brightening modules to address PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) so that you can have the clear, smooth and brighter skin you have always wanted.

FOR TEENS: Clear Start Facial for Teens

For Adults: Medi-bac Facial for Acne

(Treatment is prescribed in the order listed above, as they progress in intensity. Treatments for primary concerns may be altered based on secondary considerations.)
Medibac Acne Treatment by Dermalogica with Kate Barona

At-Home Regimen:

Customized Accordingly but may include Sebum Clearing Masque, Clearing Mattifier, Clearing Skin Wash, Oil Control Lotion, and Overnight Clearing Gel.