Ultra calming facial for sensitive skin

Ultra calming facial for sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin is caused by an impaired barrier and is characterized by dryness, rough texture, flaky peeling, redness (flushed capillaries,) tenderness (to the touch,) and will sometimes have a burning sensation when being exposed to active ingredients, air and/or water. Sensitive skin occurs when the epidermis has become thin and delicate due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are usually hereditary meaning you’re more likely to have sensitive skin if people in your family also have it.

Neurological stress can also create skin sensitivities. (For example, raised welts that burn and itch (hives.) Rosacea, Eczema, and Psoriasis are common intrinsic disorders of the skin. Extrinsic factors that lead to sensitive skin come from outside of the body. These would include allergens, products that are too strong for the skin, improper handling (rubbing or washing your skin too harshly), improper water temperature (too hot,) over-exfoliation, dietary/lifestyle choices, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages or taking certain medications.

Professional Treatment:
The goal is to soothe and heal the skin with calming treatments and an at-home skincare regimen containing products with soothing ingredients that promote healing and hydration. With continued use and avoidance of triggers, your skin’s barrier will strengthen and the integrity of the tissues will build a protective barrier that will hold moisture in and keep the bad stuff out!

At-Home Regimen:

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