what clients say


Don’t just take my word for it. Here are just a few happy customers.
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Kate gave me a great facial and mini massage!

I’ve gone to all the spas and paid out the wazoo! Kate’s prices are very competitive and she has her own spa using Dermalogica products. It was very relaxing! Plus she educated me about some products I already use and gave me samples of some new ones to try out.
She took her time, there was no rush or feeling unable to relax because there are people scheduled after you!
I highly recommend a facial for anyone having skin issues or just want a brighter younger look! I also recommend a facial if you just need to relax and not comfortable going to get a full massage!

I had a really long and physically taxing day before my appointment

almost falling asleep before I went! Once I got in that chair I got to a completely relaxed then refreshed going into my night going forward! Kate was very professional and I LOVED the stress reducing facial. It will definitely be a staple for this teacher during the school year!

I had the best facial from Kate.

She really paid attention to what my skin needed and pampered me. Within 10 minutes of starting, she knew my skin better than I did! She is very knowledgeable, her products are amazing, and you’ll leave HAPPY! It was such a great experience!

Kate is absolutely fantastic.

She is so knowledgeable and a wonder at the actual mechanics of giving a facial. I have had many, many facials over my many years. You are really missing out if you do not at least try Kate – do yourself a real favour!

Kate has a passion for her work

and her clients are always pampered. I have had two different treatments and they were awesome. I will be returning.